10 of the best places to eat in Palm Springs

Known as a favorite Southern California desert escape, Palm Springs has recently become a culinary oasis as well.

Gabriel Woo, chef at the Barn Kitchen says, "It is a very exciting time for the Palm Springs food scene. As the area introduces more events and activities to draw a variety of experience-seekers, the food scene is becoming more chef-oriented, leading to diverse cuisines at the helm of talented, industry-conscious, socially involved individuals."

Executive Chef Jason Niederkorn from the Pink Cabana restaurant added, "With the continuing growth and development of the Coachella Valley, we notice a more diverse and discerning demographic coming with it. Successful restaurants in the area are inventing fun and unique concepts that have become really appealing to these guests."

Here are several notable restaurants in this Southern California desert oasis that are worth a visit.

Del Rey

Del Rey's cozy, intimate space — Photo courtesy of Villa Royale hotel

Del Rey's cozy, intimate space — Photo courtesy of Villa Royale hotel

Tucked away inside the sprawling, Mediterranean-style Villa Royale resort, Del Rey restaurant is a cozy hideaway with a cool vibe. Featuring dark paneling, a fireplace and an intimate, dimly-lit twelve-seat bar, the stylish dining room emits the ambiance of a secret speakeasy.

Created by chef Louis Martinez, the menu is small yet offers several specialties, including grilled branzino with poblano cream and sprouted almonds; brick chicken that's seared with an actual brick from the hotel and served with braised lentils; and the charred octopus featuring salsa verde and potatoes.

The mixologists create distinctive cocktails, including Permanent Friends, made with gin, grapefruit and pineapple juices, and jalapeño vanilla maple syrup. Or perhaps try the Floating Hat, a tequila-based drink featuring Ancho Reyes Verde and Cointreau.