Dominique Crenn - Through her eyes

Emitting an aura of casual elegance and confident style, Dominique Crenn is known as one of the most prominent and well-respected female chefs in the world today. Raised in France and now based in San Francisco, she is the award-winning proprietor of three highly regarded establishments: the two-Michelin-starred Atelier Crenn, the nearby Petit Crenn, and the newly opened Bar Crenn—with a fourth project, Boutique Crenn, currently in the works. Suffice to say, she is kept busy.

“It’s an honour for me to work with French gastronomy in the United States,” she says, taking a break from preparing for a hectic weekend of cooking demonstrations and elaborate (and delicious) dinners at January 2018’s 10th Annual Cayman Cookout in Grand Cayman. “I want to be an ambassador and I want to do the right thing.”

This straightforward sentiment is certainly not out of character for the meticulous and artistic chef, who bared her soul during a memorable episode in the 2016 season of the popular Netflix series Chef’s Table. Passionate about her family and growing up in France, she learned an early appreciation for fine dining from her parents. Her menus are known for evoking long-ago memories through their distinctive flavours, delicate textures, and imaginative presentations.